How to Generate Calm in Chaos!

  Great High Performance Tips Overall in this article — I encourage you to put 1 tip into practice for 2 weeks and then do some self-reflection — “do I feel noticeably more calm under pressure now?” — I’d also add that building a practice of making peace with uncertainty goes a long way to […]


The fog is lifting

Happiness Illusion Revealed!!

Check out this Hilarious TED talk busting the happiness myth and showing the true power of creating sustained levels of happiness and HIGH PERFORMANCE.     I know this approach works so much better than anything else explored.   The challenge for most is truly creating a sustained paradigm shift and building a solid practice, so […]

How did the Seahawks do it?!

I’m a 49er fan and thought my team would be wearing SuperBowl rings by now.  I froze in disbelief when the Seahawks took clever advantage of a bad pass in the last minutes of the NFC championship game.   I admit it….. I grumbled a little when the Seahawks won the Superbowl, I thought, ” […]

High Performance Champions

Introverts Manifesto

A Quiet New Year???

New Years can be noisy, so lets go Contrarian and explore QUIET. Check out this manifesto from Susan Cains best selling book from 2013, “Quiet, The Power of the Introvert”. Consider sharing this with your favorite introvert or use it for those times you need to get in touch with your “inner introvert” Introverts Manifesto.  High […]

Your Personality Type determines your Paycheck?

Really?   This may be a tendency, BUT evolved humans can always consciously design their future and can transcend aspects of Myers Briggs consciously.  You always have more choice than you might perceive, but the insight into Myers-Briggs is always helpful as a baseline.    Are the predictions true for you?