Testimonials from High Performers who recently finished the 12 week High Performance Coaching Program


“Michelle’s approach is thorough and challenging to the point of breakthrough productivity and breakthrough focus.  I was impressed by the way she blended and pulled in concepts from multiple disciplines.  She has clearly become an expert in this space.”



“This isn’t just another time management class.  It’s more about defining goals and finding meaningful ways to focus on them. She helped me point my compass in the direction I wanted to go and strengthen my skills and courage to pursue that path.  Michelle has the right mix of empathy, compassion, and honest feedback to push you just outside your comfort zone to move towards the life and goals you really want.”



“As agile is to the tech world for optimization, Michelle’s program is a holistic optimization of ones self.  The practices that were provided were like doing a weekly sprint, and the framework kept me accountable.  Some of the concepts were incredible and groundbreaking for me.”



“Within the first few weeks itself I started noticing improved energy levels and I started gaining a positive outlook toward life. And this has definitely benefited the people close to me both at home and at work. She took the time to listen and gave me strategic advice to accomplish the things that truly mattered to me.”



“Michelle possesses a deep knowledge base of coaching skills that include high performance training, personal health and well-being practices, and career navigation experience.  Her personalized 12-step program provides you with the strategies, tools, and a practice foundation in which to master balancing both personal and career paths.”